You can visit sites below. ∗Denotes materials that are provided as class reading.

January 20
Is Google Making Us Stupid?
∗ Twitter Co-Founder Evan Williams Lays Out His Plan For The Future Of Media

January 22
Ulmer | Introduction:Electracy

January 27
Rettberg | From Bards to Blogs
Secondary Orality in Microblogging
Rettberg | Blogs, Communities & Networks

January 29
∗ Carroll | Digital Media vs. Analog Media

February 3
∗ Kovach & Rosentiel | Journalism of Verification
∗ THE NEW YORKER | The Virologist

∗ Why Don’t We Have Unicorns Today? This Ballsy French Ad Explains Everything: Canal+’s new take on   Noah’s Ark
∗ Dodge Celebrates 100 Years With Great New Ad Starring Centenarians: Here’s what they’ve learned
∗ Twitter loved the Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel BMW Super Bowl ad
∗ P&G’s Always Takes #LikeAGirl Viral Video to the Super Bowl

February 5
∗ RETTBERG | Citizen JournalistsFile
Are All Bloggers Journalists?
U. S. Court: Bloggers Are Journalists

February 12
∗ RETTBERG | Blogging Brands
How to Make Money Blogging Without Relying on Ads
Building a Brand With a Blog

February 17
∗ SHEDROFF | Experience Design
Design and Meaning: An Interview with Nathan Shedroff

February 24
KRUG | Don’t Make Me Think

February 26
Redish | Writing Web Content That Works
42 Timeless Ideas for Attracting More Visitors to Your Website


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