This post will be the comment about the book by Steve Krug, “Don’t Make Me Think.” He basically introduces through the work that there is some essences people who engage in  the design, the site producing, the technology, the marketing people can use in creating their works. He says there are guiding principles it always helps to have in mind.

–“What’s the most important thing I should do if I want to make sure my site or app is easy to use?”
–“Don’t make me think!”

As he asserts, making sites obvious to everyone is important. Websites that are well-organized are easy to browse. On the other hand, messy sites keep people off before looking well even though they have good information. Pictures below describe well the both good and bad examples of it.

Screenshot 2015-02-23 15.17.36Screenshot 2015-02-23 15.17.57

I also make a point of the looking of sites and mobile apps as well. In particular, when I try to get new a new app, I take account of not only the function and the ease of use but also the appearance, even the design of the icon. Good looking relates to the credibility of the site I think. As I have discussed it in my posts so far, the ability of writing that attracts people is important of course, but at the same time, the first impression toward the page is rather crucial. Because there are large options that you can choose as the site you look for by millions, you can go back soon if you don’t like it. Therefore, the bright idea in the sentence could result in vain without the sophisticated layout.

Screenshot 2015-02-23 18.09.41

Krug show the example of how you should write on the Web as above. The advantage of using the Internet in looking something up is that it doesn’t take you not much. In fact, Web users don’t read the content on the page completely but scan just information they are looking for. Then, it is apparent that the text on the right is much easy to scan because it uses headlines and bulleted lists, making people get what is where soon. Seeing the example, I came up with how to take notes. When I organized notebooks well, it really helps me at reviewing them.

Krug understands well about how to make the most of the Websites in terms of the organization. What he explains in the book is no wonder, but when people are about to create their own page, it is all about they tend to forget.  “Don’t Make Me Think” is the great book to learn usability.

Discussion Questions:
1. How do Website creators make the sites with perceiving there is few people see all of the content? How far should they put information in detail?
2. I think the more the founder or the company of the site is popular, the more the site itself gets to be sophisticated. So, for people who want their sites to be just for fun, like blogs, is it necessary to think of the usability? Isn’t it possible sites with the way they like become popular?

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