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–What trends did we see in Super Bowl advertising this year? What common themes/subject matter did we see? Think about the intersection of storytelling & brands — what role does narrative play in advertising? In culture? In conversation, connection & perspective? What role does conversation play in modern-day marketing? How has this role changed throughout history?

The 2015 Super Bowl between the Patriotssuper-bowl-2015-ads-list and Seahawks has wrapped but not only the game but also commercials are the object of American people’s attention every year.

Unfortunately I’m not familiar with Super Bowl so much in terms of the game and advertisements that appear during it. So it is difficult to compare the trends of commercials but I did watch the game and most of the commercials this year. In my impression, most of advertisements have nothing in common with the products they sell. When I watched a commercial, I didn’t know what the story about until the company name came out. So it made me feel like this post’s title. It seems companies pay attention just to get people interested in it and to move by it. So, I couldn’t any intersection between storytelling and brands. However, I find all advertisements today pursue how they can be impressive deeply for audiences. In the limited time, the trends has changed from how effectively advertise the product to how many people talk in person or on SNS about the product.

85Adobe has been monitoring the “social buzz” around this year’s Super Bowl advertisements, and ranked them based on posts and sentiments from viewers on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and elsewhere across the social web.

Here’s the top 10 according to the research:

1. #LikeAGirl
2. Avocados from Mexico
3. Dove Men Care
4. eSurance
5. Clash of Clans
6. Squarespace
7. Nissan
8. Toyota
9. Loctite
10. Anheuser Busch (Budweiser and Budlight)

Adobe also pointed out that it was t635573706694634628-XXX-Dove-Men-Super-Bowl-ad-2015-001he “year of the fathers” this year with 3 of the top 10 commercials telling a story around dads. Although the results can be different according to rating agencies, the fact that their advertisements are shown like this might be their goal.

Here is another interesting advertising strategy. The car company, Volvo, didn’t come out on Super Bowl this year. Instead, they ran a social campaign entitled “The Greatest Interception Ever.” Volvo called on viewers to tweet using the hashtag #VolvoContest while any car commercial airs during the Super Bowl (there are actually fewer than usual this year).

The video below is the advertisement to tell about the campaign.

It’s an interesting alternative to broadcast advertising during the big game, and a nice giveaway for brands who shelled out for Super Bowl. Today’s advertisements are the fruits of social media and at the same time, I did feel the power of “hashtag.”

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