What is Digital Communication?

What is digital media?

Media are tools we use to communicate. And they are used to communicate across distances, across time and to more people at once than we could with our own voice and body. Traditional example includes newspapers, magazines, radio, and television. So then is digital media just media with digital tools? If you put the radio on the internet, you certainly have digital media. And if you put a newspaper in a tablet, then you have digital media, as well. However, there is a problem in that definition.
With the combination of computers, software, and networks, you can make two things possible: interactivity and group forming.


These two elements are the point that makes digital media apart from other media. There are many people who are changed their life style by social media, like Twitter and Facebook. These communication tools enable us to share personal events in the feeling of “being there.” and form spaces to communicate with others. One thing that should be observed is these social media has been generated and become popular as brand new communication channels only last a few years. With not only computers but also other digital devices like smart phone, it seems that digital communication will spread more and more. In this sense, digital media could become necessary and important to our society.

How does the Internet work?


A network is a structure that makes some computers possible to exchange all sorts of information with cables and wireless LAN connections. Networks of each home, company, and school connect with broader networks. This is the Internet. To hook up with networks in the world, you use routers and make a contract with a provider company.

On the network, computers are classified as a server, which offers information and services to other computers and as a client, which use information and services provided by other computers. The computer, smartphone or other device you’re using to read this may count as the client.

On the Internet, there are several servers that have different roles, like mail servers and Web servers. These servers follow the requirements of clients and send information to other servers and clients. It enables us to send emails and access a webpage. learn more

To keep up with evolving demands for iPhone

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are smartphones running iOS provided by Apple Inc. The devices are part of the iPhone series and were released on September 19, 2014. They are served as successors to the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. The iPhone 6 and iPhone Plus include a number of changes over its predecessor, including models with larger 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch displays, a faster processor, upgraded cameras, improved LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity, and support for a near-field commnications-based mobile payments offering.

Pre-orders of the these devices exceeded 4 million within its first 24 hours of availability– an Apple record. More than 10 million iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices were sold in the first three days, another Apple record.

However, although they have only been out for a few months, consumer’s focus is on the new version. The iPhone 7 is already a hot topic. You may be surprised at how much speculation there is about the iPhone 7 already: rumours about the iPhone 7’s release date, its design, specs and features, and even its trailer.

smart phone

I think that only a small number of people follow the new device like this and it is rare to buy it every time it is released.  Indeed, the function is somewhat improved every time. However, it seems what people motivate is showing their technical level by having a brand new technology rather than seeking better functions. As I mentioned before, we cannot imagine the world without smartphone. But it is not good to be addicted with it. Digital communication is a foundation skill for most careers today, as most people will be involved in some form of conceptualizing, producing, delivering, and receiving such communications in their jobs and lives. As the most familiar device, we have to use smartphones effectively and learn digital communication.

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